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Bone density & menopause

Generally, bone density would start to decrease drastically upon reaching menopause.

Mdm Y came to us for a bone density test and her reading was -3.0 which is categorized as osteoporosis. She was caught by surprise as her last reading was -1.8. But, that was tested abo...

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Moringa Oleifera leaf benefits #1

If you're a vegetarian and having knee pain due to damage in cartilage?

Moringa Oleifera (MO) leaf is a good natural choice.

Mdm V called after taking MO for about 1 week asking if the product has got any pain killer! Because her knee pain has improved tremen...

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How to tackle upset stomach especially diarrhea naturally?

Diarrhea is not uncommon. Most people get it few times a year. One of the side effects would be dehydration. There're different types of diarrhea, which could be caused by different factors.

The most common cause of diarrhea include:

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Yay, uric acid level is at 6.2 mg/dL

Mdm S has had high uric acid (UA) issue for around 3 years. The UA level was hovering around 7 mg/dL and there wasn't any symptom. But 1 year ago, she started to endure stiffness and discomfort in finger and knee joints. And UA level rose to 9 mg/dL!

She the...

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Fish Diet & Purine

Fish is an important diet as it provides protein. Fish is acceptable to most people and a good substitute for meat.

However, not all fishes are equal. Certain fishes are with moderate purine content while some are high.

Opt for scaled fishes if your uric acid level is higher...

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Mooncake, a festive food to look forward

Sharing another homemade food i.e. mooncake made of less sweet pastes.

Lantern festival is just around the corner and most Chinese are anticipating to enjoy a variety of mooncakes.

Sis is making us mooncake with lotus, white lotus, red bean and black se...

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Homemade condensed milk made of fresh milk and erythritol

Enjoy kopi susu but concerned about fat, sugar or ..... ?

Here's my kopi susu made using homemade condensed milk. Tastes nice though, but not as thick as using condensed milk from the shelf.

The condensed milk is good for about 3 weeks ...

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What Are Gelatine Hydrolysate, Collagen Hydrolysate,
Gelatine & Collagen?

Gelatin Hydrolysate, Collagen Hydrolysate or Gelatine are all derived from Collagen, which can be extracted from the bones, skins and scales of animals such as fish, bovine or porcine.

Practically, different source of col...

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Lump at finger joints

It's very common to see women with lump at finger joints, which usually occurs as early as in their 50's. For most cases, the lump can cause stiffness, numbness and even discomfort, causing fingers to become weak.

Lump at finger joints can be caused by high uric acid, oste...

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10 months ago
My uric acid level is back to normal after taking PS Mulberry with Kohki in 2 months.
- Kekmee W
10 months ago
Value for money😍
- Vincent W
5 years ago
Power UP your Joints & Bones with our Mixed Hydrolyzed Fish Protein! Walk, stand, climb, bend & flex comfortably; live life actively & colorfully!
- Scientist H

Healthy Body, Peaceful Mind

We promote maintaining good health the natural ways. Our aim is to facilitate you and your loved ones living healthily, actively and youthfully! 

From young to middle-aged to elderly, we need nutrition for growth, maintenance and support. Hence, our proprietaries are designed and served as nutrition, supplement and/or remedy so as to maintain, rejuvenate and enhance the health, fitness and well being of everyone in the family.

We focus on Bone, Joint & Muscle, Skin, Uric Acid/Gout, Glucose, Cholesterol as well as personal care products which are made of natural foods, herbs, vitamins, minerals. 

Our body needs to be nourished in order to stay healthy and lively, whilst appreciating life. 

Our Philosophy: Functional, Safe, Quality, Niche, Science Evidence-Based. 

Our Mission: Provide added value and time proven nutrition.

Products are available at pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine clinic, therapy center, Lazada, Shopee as well as Scientist Home Wellness. 

Our headquarter is based in Hong Kong. We have established healthcare and wellness centers in China, Macao and Malaysia.

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