Posted on Nov 18, 2020

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Sore Throat Natural Remedy

Many people would get sore throat or ulcer after taking heaty or fried foods.

Ms K started to have pain or a pricking sensation in the throat and felt like having fever. Happened after trying 2 cups of dark coffee a day for a few days, and she's a heaty person.

She was recommended to take moringa oleifera leaf. Took 2 capsules before dinner and 2 capsules before sleep. She also took fresh calamansi juice to boost her vitamin C. And she was thrilled that the sore throat was gone after getting up the next morning!

In science, sore throat is caused by viral infection, such as a cold or the flu.

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K 女士的喉咙开始疼痛或有刺痛感,感觉像发烧。几天内,每天喝了 2 杯黑咖啡后发生的,她是个热性人。

建议她吃辣木叶。晚饭前吃了 2 粒,睡觉前再吃了 2 粒。她还饮用了新鲜的桔子汁来增加维生素 C,第二天早上起床后喉咙痛的症状都消失了!


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